Welcome to the Research Center of Digital Humanities at National Taiwan University!

Digital humanities is an emerging research methodology that utilizes digital resources and information technology for humanities research. Established in 2007, our center is the world's first research center with a primary focus on digital humanities in the Chinese-speaking world.

Over the past decade, we have achieved significant progress in the development of research methods, tools, and digital content for digital humanities. We have established a methodological framework for contextual analysis retrieval, creating 40 context analysis-oriented databases, primarily consisting of first-hand historical materials and Chinese classics related to Taiwan. Due to the uniqueness and strength of digital humanities analysis and visualization functions, these databases have become indispensable resources for Taiwan studies. Additionally, we have created the "National Taiwan University Digital Library of Buddhist Studies," which is the largest collection of second-hand Buddhist books and full texts globally, with a daily usage exceeding 11,000 and a total usage exceeding 41,100,000.

In terms of technological development, apart from various mining, analysis, and visualization tools, our center launched the "DocuSky Digital Humanities Academic Research Platform" in 2018. This platform offers personalized archival services and various resource integration, mining, analysis, visualization, and GIS integration tools. As of December 2020, users have come from 62 countries, with nearly three thousand account applicants. DocuSky is not only the world's first personalized Sinological digital humanities research platform but also the only platform globally that allows humanists to independently build cloud databases.